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We build person-to-person relationships with our customers, while monitoring trends and needs within their networks.  While others outsource their help desks or don’t even have one… we are expanding and believe it is a vital function in our efforts to better support our clients. Our in-house help desk takes care of everything from mobile devices to desktops, servers and cloud services.  We believe this segment of our service is more critical than ever with technology changing so quickly, we need to respond even faster for you. We won’t leave you hanging.

  • When you contact us, you will get a real person with live support, whether you need technical, product or application support.

  • We provide our clients with professional and immediate support.  We are available via phone and email or through our secure webportal.

  • Our technicians have the tools to respond remotely to your problem.

  • Our team is comprised of experienced technicians in multiple fields.  You have an entire team of professionals that are trained on your network, with your devices and your unique set up.

  • We do extensive documentation for each of our clients networks.

Clients also have the option of submitting an electronic service ticket by emailing our support system. This is perfect for questions, change requests, user account creation, and quote requests. The ticket will then be assigned to a staff member to address.

Should the Help Desk be unable to fix the issue, they will escalate the problem to a Level-2 technician, then a Level-3, then a Manager, then to the vendor if required.

Support Options

Daily Services

Our primary method of support is through our Help Desk. From 7am to 5pm, MondayFriday, we staff the phones with experienced technicians to answer your questions.


Outside business hours, our Help Desk line will take a message from callers. That voice message is forwarded to NW Technology managers who will assess the severity of the request and address the solution.


Server, primary applications upgrades, jobsite deployments and specialized requests will be assigned it's own Project Manager and team. Who will track all aspects from start to finish.


NW Technology Managers will meet with the client to present a state of the company technology. Together both parties will determine what is working, what’s not, and what changes will be made in the next period. 


If the problem requires a technician to go to the client’s location, in the case of a hardware failure for example, the Help Desk Manager will dispatch a field technician to address the issue.


We install a system monitor on all servers. This will alert our technicians when there is a high processor or memory utilization issue, low disk space or an unresponsive server. Advanced monitoring is available for a higher level of reporting, which can be added to desktop and laptops.

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