Bringing the cloud back down to Earth

For every business there will come the time that they are forced to make a decision about whether to host or not to host their server on or off site. It’s often hard for businesses to make that step toward moving their crucial information from an on-site location to a place they can’t physically touch or even see. As companies are now getting used to accessing their information with just a tap of a keyboard or even smartphone, they rely on a well-maintained data center. But your cloud server is only as secure as the people you trust to house it.

That’s why NW Technology has invested so much in our own datacenter. For many of our partners, we’re not just the techs and engineers they chose to manage their day to day IT systems, we’re the experts they’ve trusted to store their most important asset, their data.

Our datacenter has been designed from top to bottom by our network architect to suit your reliability, speed and security needs. With the solid-state drives, lightning fast processors and sophisticated firewalls that are constantly kept up-to-date so you can rest assured that only your team and no one else can access your business information easily.

We spend time working with your team to provision asset permissions to ensure sensitive data is restricted to only those who need access. NW Technology monitors its datacenter constantly for any external threats and in the rare instance that a breach does occur, we have technicians available 24/7 to address the issue and make sure your business is not adversely impacted. We also monitor your usage and can suggest solutions that ensure you’re only paying for storage you need.

We have also built redundancy into our data center that ensures continuous operations even during emergency situations. Servers generate considerable amounts of heat and we have climate-controlled conditions to keep your data cool. In the case of a power outage NW Technology has on site a back-up power source standing by to instantly kick-in.

Although cybersecurity is one of our first priorities, so is physical security of your data. Your company’s information is located in a secure location protected from theft, destruction and unauthorized access.

NW Technology also works directly with multiple telecom companies offering direct fiber into and out of our data center. As your business grows, we might be able to assist you in getting more bandwidth with these companies to expand your capacity. We are proud of our data center’s flexibility and scalability to meet your company’s rapidly changing business requirements in a day, week or even months.

We take protecting your data as seriously as we take protecting our own, because when you succeed, we succeed. Contact us about our cloud storage options today!