Four reasons partnering with an MSP is better for your wallet

We understand why businesses have a habit of putting up with all the little IT annoyances. With high hourly rate minimums and the frustration of re-explaining your internal processes every time you talk to a new technician, it’s no wonder a business would rather just work around the nuisances and save the distress calls for the big stuff.

But that’s the beauty of a Managed Service Provider, you get a team of technicians that knows your business’ technology inside and out. When you call in with a problem they’ll have documentation regarding your network and devices on hand, to speed up the diagnostic process, which means faster resolutions and WAY less downtime for your business. Here’s a few other reasons we think an MSP is the way to go.

Say goodbye to labor charges

Everyone knows one of the most expensive parts of any project is labor. Whether it’s fixing your car or remodeling your home, it’s often the cost of man hours that can delay a vital project or cause you to try to do it in-house. Because how hard could it be? You won’t want to answer that question when your server goes down, taking your productivity and even profit with it.

Under a managed service agreement most of those big projects are covered under your monthly rate. You get a team of experts who can plan and implement your project from start to finish. A tech team that always plans for the unexpected and is ready to quickly address any unforeseen issues. Leaving parts as the only added cost to you.

Waived or discounted set up fees

In addition to labor cost, there can be general set up fees that add up during a project that fall outside of your standard service agreement. A flat set up fee for a new project is pretty typical. Many MSPs will discount or waive that set up fee as a perk of being a preferred client.

Preventative maintenance equals less breakdowns

Just like regular doctor visits help your overall health, regular maintenance on your IT keeps your service running at its best. Preventative maintenance such as regular hardware blowouts, deleting old or unnecessary files, system monitoring, applying patches and updating devices can help ensure that your devices operate at peak performance.

Get expert advice on what you need and what you don’t

There’s an assumption that an IT company is going to coerce you into buying expensive, top of the line equipment that you don’t really need. In reality most MSPs don’t make their money selling hardware. A true Managed Service Provider values your working relationship like a partnership, when you succeed, they succeed. This means you have a trusted adviser to tell you how best to leverage your IT budget. They can tell you where you’ll be fine with the “good enough” model and where you should invest in a more powerful device depending on the usage and expectations of your staff and business needs.

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