Holiday Gift Ideas for the Techie in Your Life

We know firsthand that the techs in your life are often the hardest to shop for around the holidays. So we’ve compiled some fool proof gift ideas that will make you their favorite Santa this season.

The Entire Google Home Family

Google is bringing homes to life this holiday season, quite literally. From basic home assistance to safety and security, entertainment and even lighting, they'll have the ability to manage their entire household without even stepping foot in the house. Cool or terrifying? You decide. Check out the full line of products here.

Ember Mug

For that extra particular tech in your life, the Ember mug lets them adjust the temperature of their hot drink. Perfect for really milking those cold, rainy hot cocoa nights by the fire. There is a standard mug option as well as a travel mug, check both out here.

Canary All-in-One Indoor Security Camera

Canary provides security without sacrificing today’s hottest commodity, privacy. Canary will recognize when they're away from home and send notifications if it notices someone else inside, but once you walk through the door it stops recording. More than just a camera, Canary features air quality monitoring, 1080 HD wide angle lens with automatic night vision and a 90 decibel siren as well as connection to local law enforcement in case of intruders. All that and it connects to Alexa and Google Assistant. Get it here at a reduced holiday price!

Tech Tool Kit

There’s nothing quite as exciting to a techie as when their tech breaks and they get to fix it.  Help them fidget their hearts away with this iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, with a 64-bit set to give them all the tools they need and none they don’t. Get it here.

Nvidia Shield

For the streamer ready to take it up a notch. Nvidia Shield TV boasts thousands of apps and more 4K HDR options than any other streaming device. With Google Assistant built in they can watch Netflix on their couch all day literally without lifting a finger. Now here’s where it gets cool, Nvidia has two upgrade options, the first is a gaming edition witch includes a gaming control and access to thousands of online games, including access to the GEForce NOW Beta.  And while the built-in Google Assistant allows them to control many smart devices across their home, spring for the Nvidia Home Edition to get a smart link that opens up even more compatibility options. Get one here.

Tile Pro

It’s always the smallest things that become the biggest problem, and that’s what Tile aims to solve. These slick pieces of hardware attach to keys, slide inside a wallet, and hook on that tool they always lose, and using their smart phone they can make it ring when they need to locate lost items. And get this, the battery last a full year, guaranteed, after that just swap the battery for a new one. Get killer holiday deals on the whole Tile product line here.

The Bond

Does one of your techy family members have a remote controlled ceiling fan or fire place. Of course they do! The Bond (no not THEE Bond) connects those appliances to their existing smart devices including Echo and Google home, so they never have to argue over who has to get up and turn off the light. Get one here.

Big Mouth Billy Bass

All right, we know this barely counts as a tech gift, but we can’t think of anything your dad would like more than this updated Big Mouth Billy Bass singing that Journey song he just asked Alexa to play. He’ll love it hook-line-and-sinker, though the rest of the family may not like it so much... Get one here.