Last minute gifts for your techie: that won’t break the bank

Smart Watch

It’s hard to find a wrist not rocking a smart watch nowadays, even Grandma has one! King is still the Apple Watch, but with FitBit releasing the Versa 2 with Alexa and Spotify compatibility it’s going to be a fierce contender in the gift market. Not to mention that tempting $130 sale price. But if the tech watch isn’t your giftee’s style, Fossil has some sleek, traditional looking smartwatches.

Pro-tip: In researching cool gifts for this post one list we found included a smart scale that often pairs with these smart watches. In general giving someone the gift of tracking their weight isn’t a great idea, but, follow your heart.  We share no responsibility for that decision!



While you’re at it, why not get a FitBit for Fido too? FitBark tracks a dog’s exercise, sleeping, heart rate and now has GPS capabilities for those pups always looking for an adventure. It also has a FitBit watch face so your giftee can track their dog’s health stats right next to theirs!


Amazon Smart Plug

For that person in your household who’s always complaining when you leave the lamp on when going to bed, there is the Amazon Smart Plug. Using Alexa you can turn the plug itself on and off from the comfort of your warm and cozy bed. At only $25 it also makes a great present for that work gift exchange you’re probably dreading.


Fizzics Portable Beer Tap

Since we are in the PNW we can’t leave this one off the list. Help your most loved beer-snob take their at-home experience to the next level with this portable beer tap. No more straight out of the can for these folks. This tap can hold up to a growler of beer, perfect for wowing your holiday guests!



Security is always top on our minds, whether if for protecting your data or your personal items. Airbolt is a lock you’ll never lose the key for because it’s controlled by an app on your phone! You’ll even get alerts when someone tries to tamper with it.


Wireless charging station

Because honestly charging cords are so 2010’s.