Three ways partnering with an MSP will save you money

With the growing reliance to ‘just Google it’ people are always looking to save a few bucks by fixing things themselves. We get it, solving issues yourself seems so simple, especially if you’re saving on the cost of calling an expert to fix the problem. But what if it’s not the correct solution?


Businesses that utilize a break/fix solution for their IT often do so in an attempt to save money. The perception is that by only paying for things when they’re broken, you’re saving money as long as things are “working.” What if we told you this solution actually costs more money?


Poor planning leads to poor results (and wasted money)

When you first get your business going with just a couple employees and computers, managing your own IT doesn’t seem like an unreasonable thing to do. But your business will grow, you’ll hire more employees and purchase more technology to support them. You’ll gather more data and need to share it through your organization, and you’ll adopt new software to help streamline your workflow. Suddenly your DIY setup becomes a huge mess.


If you equate your IT infrastructure as a foundation for your house, and all the new hardware and software that comes with a growing business as extra rooms to be added on, there are lots of steps you would need to take to ensure the integrity of the structure. First the creation of an architect approved design of the addition should take place, followed with the building of a solid foundation that would support all the new additions. As the attachments are being built they need to be securely attached to the main structure, the wiring, the plumbing and heating need to connect. Finally the exterior and roof need to be completed to protect from outside damage. It’s definitely not as simple as just slapping together a new room, just like adding on to your IT isn’t as simple as plugging in a new computer.


When it comes to IT it’s not plumbing or siding that you need to worry about, but you might need to add a server to consolidate shared company data and run software, your firewall will need to be able to handle the extra workload while still protecting you from malicious threats, and your computers all need to work together for effective collaboration on your team.


There are so many factors playing into the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure, it’s not a simple matter of buying the biggest, fasted most expensive piece of hardware. Purchasing the wrong equipment can mean wasted money on equipment that either you don’t need or it doesn’t work as efficiently as you need it to, but it also means wasting your time. Time you are losing in productivity because your employees are spending their work hours trying to figure out why their IT isn’t working, until you finally contact an IT professional to come patch-fix problems rooted in an outdated set up that no longer meets your company’s technology needs.


Partnering with an MSP allows you to plan in advance for the growth of your company and have ongoing support that empowers your workflow rather than hindering it. It’s the difference between preventative maintenance with costs and downtime you can plan around your budget and operating hours, and rushing to put out fires just to get up and running again.


Get a panel of experts for a fraction of the cost

If any small or mid-sized business has an internal IT department, it likely consists of one or two people managing the entire ecosystem. Not only are these employees managing the IT for an entire organization, they also need to stay current on the rapidly changing world of data management and cyber security.


This is a difficult feat for any one person, which is why outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider can be a more efficient use of funds. A good MSP offers a team of people, all with different expertise and skill levels ranging from help desk technicians to top level engineers. Each have their areas of specialty, such as getting certifications in network security or mobile device management. They can layout a framework for data management and workflow that enhances your ability to do business. Having a team like that in house would cost you upwards of $12,000/month, but an MSP can benefit your company with its dedicated expertise at a fraction of the cost.


Refocus your priorities

Outsourcing offers you another often overlooked financial benefit: it frees up your internal resources and allows you to refocus your energies into efforts that will further grow your business and increase profitability.


Too often small/mid-size businesses get stuck in the DIY mindset that started their businesses. But there is only so much time in a day, and every business owner gets to the point where they have to hand off duties to those most capable and keep their focus on what is truly important: the health of their business.


Think of it like leveraging your assets, you’re not going to stick your best salesperson with data entry or your fastest typist out on the sales floor. You’d spend twice as much because both are being tasked with jobs not fitting of their strengths. By allowing them to do what they’re good at your ROI increases exponentially.


We don’t claim to know how to run your business, but we do know how to run your IT. Let us support your business and be a partner in your success for today and into tomorrow.