Avoiding online scams amidst coronavirus uncertainty

By CrystalKing | April 1, 2020

Avoiding Coronavirus scams  Online scammers are on the offensive. As coronavirus spreads cybercriminals are finding ways to take advantage of unsuspecting users.  Several schemes have emerged amid this health crisis that we should all be wary of.     Some are easy to spot. We’ve all seen the new ‘snake oil’ products that are phony cures. But there are also more sophisticated ploys, such as apps claiming to be informational, but once downloaded…

What is Multi-Factor Authentication

By CrystalKing | March 5, 2020

Mankind has been using passwords for centuries for controlling access to protected locations and information. Just visualize the sentry standing at their post directed to stop any unknown enemy. Since the onset of computer systems and PC’s passwords have been promoted to protecting our personal and business data. Over the years, passwords and password encryption…

Tech predictions for the new decade

By CrystalKing | January 7, 2020

It’s officially 2020! The last decade has brought us incredible technology advancements such as; 4G LTE, cloud computing, self-driving cars, virtual home assistants, smart homes, and so much more. Imagine what the next 10-years will bring! Although we don’t have a crystal ball, there’s a few things the tech industry agrees are going to see…

Last minute gifts for your techie: that won’t break the bank

By CrystalKing | December 19, 2019

Smart Watch It’s hard to find a wrist not rocking a smart watch nowadays, even Grandma has one! King is still the Apple Watch, but with FitBit releasing the Versa 2 with Alexa and Spotify compatibility it’s going to be a fierce contender in the gift market. Not to mention that tempting $130 sale price.…

Is your budget in line with upcoming trends?

By CrystalKing | November 14, 2019

Wondering what’s in store for your business tech-wise in 2020?  The answer is a whole lot!  5G will begin entering the market place, expect more uses being discovered for artificial intelligence, increasing demands on hardware, updated software and many others. Next year 85% of small businesses expect their IT expenditures to stay steady or increase.…

Back, back, back it up

By CrystalKing | October 16, 2019

There are multiply ways to safeguard your company’s data: Having a privacy policy followed by your employees Establish Password management Govern Internet and Social Media Usage Manage Email Usage Govern and Manage company owned mobile devices Report Security Incidents and how to respond and mitigate damage.   But none of these carefully planned policies and…

POP QUIZ! – Are you smarter than the average IT user?

By CrystalKing | September 17, 2019

In celebration of back-to-school, time for a POP QUIZ! Are you smarter than the average IT user when it comes to spotting the most common types of cyber-attacks? But first let’s review:   Phishing: Phishing attacks come via your email. They disguise themselves as emails from trusted sources like your bank, Office 365, or even…

Reeling in your remote workers

By CrystalKing | August 14, 2019

Keeping track of all of your technology can be a big task. If you have a lot of remote workers, be it people who work from home, workers out in the field and on the road, or sales people who travel a lot visiting clients, it becomes even more overwhelming. But losing track of a…

NW Technology and Barron Heating on the Whatcom Report

By CrystalKing | August 13, 2019

Listen to Ryan Oord of NW Technology and John Barron of Barron Heating and Cooling talk about each company’s recent move into solar energy, and their partnership to bring greener technology to Whatcom County.

Bringing the cloud back down to Earth

By CrystalKing | July 15, 2019

For every business there will come the time that they are forced to make a decision about whether to host or not to host their server on or off site. It’s often hard for businesses to make that step toward moving their crucial information from an on-site location to a place they can’t physically touch…

The Future of Communication is VoIP

By CrystalKing | May 9, 2019

The world of telecommunication is drastically changing. For a long time as technology in the workplace continues to advance, businesses have continued to use the same phone technology that’s existed for decades, but that is finally beginning to change. The battle for its future is here and the winner appears to be VoIP.   What…

What’s new in the world of Office 365?

By CrystalKing | April 8, 2019

Microsoft has managed to remain one of the leading tech companies in the world by continuously working to grow and improve their product offering. But in our busy lives it’s difficult to keep up to date with Microsoft’s many updates, improvements and unveiling of new products. Here’s some highlights of the more interesting developments we’re…